Wholesale Knives and Wholesale Swords Distributor

Welcome to Shelter International Inc, We have been in Business for over 30 years. We are importers of Large Variety of products and have been providing our customers with great prices and quality Service. Our website is mainly for wholesale. We are a Wholesale Knives Company that carry large variety of products. We import Pocket Knives, Swords, Daggers, Hunting Knives, Crossbows, Boxing gloves, Self Defense Supply and Much more. All wholesale prices are listed for each products. Please check our New Arrivals category for new products. New products or products that we were out of stock are coming in every other month. Everything that we carry and have in stock is listed on our website. When the item is out of stock we take that product off from the website. If you have any questions please free to call us at 1-800-247-9357, 323-888-8856 or email us at support@shelterdist.com.

Wholesale Knives Catagories
Wholesale Knives, Wholesale Throwing Knives, Wholesale Hunting Knives, Wholesale Survival Knives, Wholesale Fanatasy Daggers, Wholesale Spring Assisted Knives, Wholesale Pocket Knives, Wholesale Movie Knives 

Wholesale Swords Catagories
Wholesale Swords, Wholesale Samurai Swords, Wholesale Ninja Swords, Wholesale Medieval Swords, Wholesale Swords Set, Wholesale Samurai Swords Set, Wholesale Movie Swords Wholesale Martial Art Swords

Wholesale Self Defense Catagories
Wholesale Stun Guns, Wholesale Batons, Wholesale Handcuffs, Wholesale Pepper Sprays, Wholesale Tactical Pens, Wholesale Nunchucks, Wholesale Paracords, Wholesale camping Tools 

Wholesale Hunting Sporting Catagories
Wholesale Crossbows, Wholesale Binoculars, Wholesale Soccer Balls, Wholesale Footballs, Wholesale Bastket Balls, Wholesale Speedballs, Wholesale Boxing Gloves, Wholesale Punching Bags

Wholesale MMA Catagories
Wholesale MMA Gloves, Wholesale Fingerless Gloves, Wholesale Working out Gloves, Wholesale Exercise gloves, Wholesale Working out Belts, Wholesale Weight Lifting Belts 

Wholesale Beauty Instruments Catagories
Wholesale Manicure Sets, Wholesale Surgical Instruments, Wholesale Nail Clippers, Wholesale Scissors, Wholesale Barber Scissors, Wholesale Tailor Scissors, Wholesale Detal Instruments

Wholesale Air Guns Catagories
Wholesale Airsoft Guns, Wholesale Metal Airsoft Guns, Wholesale Pellet Guns, Wholesale Pistol Pellet Guns, Wholesale Pellet Gun BB's.