50X/100X Reflector Telescope Tripod 360 Degree Pan head

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This powerful reflector scope offers rugged portability and a trip to the distant stars for the avid young astronomer intent on detailed, deep-sky viewing. It boasts all-glass precision optics eyepieces providing a range of magnification power. The 5x finder scope locate images faster and offers amazing close-up views of the moon, planets, Milky Way, and beyond. Observe constellations, star clusters—even the Orion Nebula. The Omega reflector comes with a heavy-duty adjustable aluminum tripod and convenient accessory tray for on-the-go stargazing. It's simple to use for the whole family, but make no mistake—this is a serious scientific tool, not a toy. We make it possible for astronomers to identify, locate, and track celestial objects to unveil the mysteries of the night sky.


• Reflector Telescope 
• 50X/100X Zoom 
• Black & Grey Color Telescope 
• Interchangeable 50X & 100X 
• Eyepiece Lenses 
• 5X Finder Scope To Locate Objects Faster 
• Lightweight Durable Construction 
• Full-Sized Adjustable Tripod 
• Mirrored Diagonal Eyepiece For Easy Viewing 
• Protective Lens Cap 
• Quick Screw-Type Assembly With No Tools Req' 
• Great For Star Tracking And Astronomical Viewing 
• 360 Degree Pan Head 
• Locking Tripod Expands To 4 Ft High 
• Instruction Manual Comes In Spanish 
• Heavy Duty
• Observe constellations, star clusters, even the Orion Nebula, with this serious scientific tool that's simple to use!
• Features deluxe telescoping tripod and rugged portability for on-the-go observations.
• Lightweight, Durable and Sturdy Construction
• Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
• Innovative and Ergonomic Design
• 100% Quality Materials Used and Tested Extensively
• Ideal for Astronomers
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