BDeals 6" Dual Tip Dental Probe Pick Wax Carver Tool Stainless Steel

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This Shiny Carving Tools is crafted using Stainless Steel to offer a Lightweight but Sturdy feel. These allow you to carve the wax rather than scrape it away. This carver is made of stainless steel to eliminate rust and shaped for balance and comfort. The set comes in a plastic storage pouch. It measures approximately 6" (152.5 mm) long. It is a dental too used in dental oral surgery.


  • Crafted Using Stainless Steel
  • It measures 6" long.
  • Premium Element Tool Complete with point and scrape ends
  • Convenient and Useful Tools for Personal or your Family
  • Double –Sided for a Variety of Shapes and Uses
  • Very effective at removing wax build up or impacted Wax

    Also Used For:

  • Amateur and Professional Taxidermy
  • Cleaning Archaeological Artifacts
  • Uncovering and Cleaning Fossils and Shells
  • Woodworking and Furniture Refinishing
  • Ceramics, Mosaics and Pottery Work
  • Wood and Clay Carving
  • Soap and Candle Carving
  • Computer and Mechanical Work
  • Doll-Making and Repairing; and Much More!
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